Come visit us, see our cattle and share our little piece of heaven for a bit!


About Us

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We are Central Texas natives that have had the good fortune to travel the world and learn from the best, and work to apply our engineering backgrounds to environmentally conscious, ecosystem friendly practices in all we do. We are passionate about what we do here—raising our animals sustainably on local grass in a gentle and caring way. When you meet our Registered, Certified and Qualified cattle, you will see the results immediately.

From solar power to rainwater collection to portable chicken coops for natural fly abatement, we employ the best natural approaches to solve the countless problems nature throws at us.

We currently raise cattle, goats (because we love them! Oh, and they are free weed mowers…) chickens and pecans, but we continue to expand — we are finally planting our vineyard this spring and are excited to create delicious central Texas wines in the next few years.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

We currently have over 43 kilowatts of solar systems in place, with a plan to expand to 67 kW.  We also use Tesla storage systems to leverage surplus power when we make it, and power ourselves when the sun is low.  We use a combination of on-grid and off-grid systems.  Wind generators are on the near horizon. We use LED lighting only, and high efficiency, variable speed pumps.  Thermal insulation can be expensive, but pays for itself many times over in a short number of years.

We use elevated water storage and gravity fed water troughs to ensure clean, efficient water supplies to our animals.  We also dig deep ponds for cold water storage to harvest rainwater wherever we can, both for watering, irrigation and stocked fish tanks (stocking soon).

We use rotational grazing practices to keep our pastures healthy and grass growing strong.  This helps to spread manure and urine for natural fertilization.  It also aids in working the cattle with regular familiarity and interaction.

Our mobile chicken coops are moved with our herds to help with natural fly abatement.  They scratch the cow pies (natural spreaders!) and eat the fly larvae before they mature into pesty flies that we all hate.  Each chicken eats over 150 flies worth of larvae a day- we are able to cut down our use of pesticides as a result.

We will soon start planting legumes and other nitrogen fixing cover crops to help with natural soil health and plant vigor.  We remove most (not all!) of our cedar to free up water for the desirable plants. A mature cedar can consume 200 gallons a DAY! Try competing with that… When and where possible, we extract many of our weeds by hand.

What we raise!